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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

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TRITIUM TECHNOLOGY for a Whole Lot Less!!

Smith & Wesson Super Diver Black Watch, SWW-357-R

The Very Best Value in Tritium Watches Available Today!

Smith & Wesson Super Diver Black Watch

Depth Tested to 200 Meters Below Sea Level

H3 TRITIUM Night Illumination System
Self-Powered Gas Cells for Perfect Night Vision

Manufacturer's List Price $189.00


Authorized Smith & Wesson Dealer Gem of the Day" is pleased to offer an amazing LOW PRICE alternative in H3 Tritium Illuminated Watches: The Smith & Wesson Super Diver Black Watch. The Smith & Wesson is a great alternative to other Tritium Dive Watches from Luminox or Traser. The key is that Smith & Wesson Super Diver has the same Swiss Jeweled Movement and the same Swiss H3 Micro-Tube Tritium Illumination. Like the Luminox, the watch has an all stainless steel case with screw down crown and screw down case back. And like its competitors, the watch is water resistant to 200 meters below sea level. All for less money!! The Smith & Wesson Super Diver Black Watch is available from Gem of the Day" for only $169.99, a gigantic savings compared with other Luminox or Traser Dive Models!!

Close-up of the SWW-357-R Utilizing the famous genuine Swiss H3 Tritium technology, the Smith & Wesson has micro gas lights encapsulated in borosilicate glass tubes for absolutely perfect night vision. This gas technology will allow the tiny lights to glow for up to 25 years without any "recharging" or use of any outside light source.

But the Smith & Wesson Super Diver Black Watch Watch has much more to offer than perfect illumination. This Dive Watch is perfect for any sportsman, even those involved in Triathelons and Extreme Sports! It's tough, strong, durable, water resistant (to 200 meters), and easy to read under the most extreme circumstances!

The crystal is highly scratch resistant hardened mineral glass. The case is Black PVD Plated stainless steel. The fine, heavy duty Rubber Dive strap is supple and extremely thick and strong!

Best of all, Smith & Wesson uses the genuine H3 Tritium technology. The illumination will NOT FADE during the night, as other watches usually do. And you do not need to "push a button" to read the time perfectly. In fact, this watch will grow brightly even if kept in total darkness 24 hours a day.

Smith & Wesson Super Diver Black Watch Features:

  • Black PVD (physical vapor deposition) plated stainless steel case
  • Screw Down Case Back and Screw Down Crown
  • Water Resistant to 200 Meters (660 feet)
  • Unidirectional rotating diving bezel marked in minute increments for time measurement
  • H3 Tritium Gas Illumination System on Hour Markers,and the Hour and Minute Hands
  • Bezel Features a Traditional Luminous Paint Marker at the 60 Minute Mark and on the Second Hand
  • Highly Scratch Resistant Mineral Glass Crystal
  • Multi Jeweled Swiss Quartz Movement
  • Tough Polyurethane Dive Strap
  • New 4 Year Battery Life
  • One (1) Year Limited USA Warranty
    available only when you buy from Authorized Smith & Wesson Dealers, including Gem of the Day"
  • Locking Smith & Wesson LOGO Aluminum Gift & Presentation Box
  • Diameter Case 43.5 millimeters (46.5 millimeters including crown)
  • Depth (thickness) 12.5 millimeters

H3 Tritium Technology

The Benefits of Tritium Making watches visible in low light or at night has been a perplexing problem since wrist timepieces were first invented. While watchmakers thought the problem was solved 100 years ago with the use of radium, it quickly proved too radioactive and dangerous. Radium was outlawed for use in watches over 50 years ago.

Luminous substitutes found in 95% of watches sold today require the use of an external light source to recharge the illumination. Many owners complain that the luminous paint works poorly and fades quickly, often in just minutes of darkness.

Finally, the engineers of H3 in Switzerland have perfected a new technology that provides bright, even light that will glow for 25 years without fail: TRITIUM GAS VIALS inserted on the hands and dial of the watch.

Tritium gas is captured in tiny, airtight vials, sealed under high pressure, and the vials are resistant to water, oil and the most corrosive materials. A very safe and very minute quantity of tritium provides the light source. This same technology is available in many firearms for use in gun sights. Most hunters and marksmen are already familiar with this great technology.

If it's important for you to tell the time quickly and easily in low light or total darkness, then a Tritium Watch is exactly what you need. Tritium watches glow up to 100 times more brightly than ordinary luminescent watches. And they require no external light source to recharge the illumination.

Model #sww-357-r

Smith & Wesson Tritium Diver Watch
Black Dial, Rubber Dive Strap

Manufacturer's List Price $189.00

Price $141.75

Item is on backorder from the manufacturer

Model #sww-357-n

Smith & Wesson Tritium Tactical Watch
Nylon Velcro Strap

Manufacturer's List Price $189.00

Price $169.90

Item is on backorder from the manufacturer

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Tritium Superstore

Model #SSC017

Seiko Solar Dive Chronograph Watches
Matte Finish Black Dial, Blue & Black Bezel, Steel Bracelet w/Extender

Manufacturer's List Price $395.00

Price $276.50

Available Ships in 2 to 7 Business Days

Model #SWW-900-BLK

Smith & Wesson Diver - 900 Series - Tritium Illuminated and Bonus Watchband
BLACKOUT Design, Black on Black Dial

Manufacturer's List Price $129.95

Price $116.45

Item is on backorder from the manufacturer

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