Galileo Thermometers, Beautiful Liquid Filled Glass Thermometers, 11 inch, 13 inch and 17 inch sizes
Thursday, February 27, 2020
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The Galileo Thermometer

A Scientific Breakthrough from the 16th Century!


A Unique and Beautiful Addition for any Home or Office

Small 11 inch - $34.00
Medium 13 inch - $49.00
Large 17 inch - $79.00

Searching for the exact temperature measurements, the brilliant Galileo Galilei made a fascinating discovery. When floating in liquid, a solid object of a standard density, size and weight will "float" up or down within the liquid as the temperature rises or falls.

Galileo created different glass spheres that differed in weight and density of the liquid inside each small sphere. As the interior temperature of each sphere changed, the lowest of the floating spheres in the upper part of the cylinder indicates the correct temperature. To make temperature identification easy, each small floating sphere has a temperature indicating medallion attached.

close-up of the temperature balls in the Galileo Thermometer Today we have carefully reproduced the original Galileo Thermometer concept in a beautiful design to compliment any home or office. The production of this instrument is extremely complicated. Each temperature ball is calibrated to exactly .36 degree F. Two glass spheres differ in weight by only 6/1000 of a gram. Temperatures are marked in Fahrenheit.

Gem of the Day" is offering this very unique gift in three sizes. All three sizes contain multi-colored temperature spheres to indicate the temperature. The small and medium sizes have five temperature spheres, marking the temperature in 4 degree increments. The Large model has seven temperature spheres, each set at a two degree increment. All are made for indoor temperature measurement and direct sunlight or heat should be avoided.

Gem of the Day" is pleased to make these beautiful Galileo Thermometers available at a remarkably low price.

We will carefully pack your thermometer for shipping. And we will gift wrap it at no charge, if you wish. All major credit cards are accepted.

Model #0701-L

Gemday Galileo Thermometers
Large 17 inch

Price $79.00

In Stock

Model #0701-S

Gemday Galileo Thermometers
Small 11 inch

Price $34.00

In Stock

Model #0701-M

Gemday Galileo Thermometers
Medium - 13 inch tall

Price $49.00

In Stock

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